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Since 2009, we have created unique horror experiences that both entertain and foster social awareness.

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Half a million people have attended TTO events which aim to keep patrons completely submerged in a “world” from the moment they arrive until they get into their cars to drive home. With the incredible amount of national and international recognition and huge popularity of it’s attractions, TTO has become the industry leader in themed entertainment and more specifically, horror themed entertainment. ┬áIf you are interested in sponsorship or licensing opportunities or the potential of bringing a TTO attraction to your city, please contact us at info@tenthirtyoneproductions.com.

Special Effects

Ten Thirty One Productions has a world class Special Effects team, led by Justin and Melissa Meyer, that excels at what we refer to as “FX Gorilla Warfare”. Working with big casts of 100 or more, the TTO Team has the unique skill-set of working fast and efficient. Building prosthetics, horror props & body parts, and custom silicon mask making are all done in house at TTO.

As a full service Special FX department our services include:

  • Concept Design and Application
  • Bald Cap Application
  • Character and Creature Make-up & FX
  • Facial Hair (Creping)
  • Injury and Sickness Simulation
  • Dental Appliances
  • Custom Silicone Masks
  • Silicone Prop Body Parts
  • Airbrush Application
  • Wig Application
  • Prosthetic Application: Latex, Foam, and Silicone
  • Tubing for Practical FX (such as Gunshots & Trauma Wounds)
  • Custom Prosthetics
  • Summer Special FX Courses (which may include work experience)

Social Awareness

Every corporation, small business, big business, individual person and consumer have the responsibility of ensuring there is a future to look towards. With our planet in a state of crisis and the desensitization of the population to the messaging that needs to be heard, Ten Thirty One Productions vows to find new creative ways to raise consciousness to issues ranging from environmental conservation to animal welfare to poverty. The TTO philanthropic messaging has already been having great impact all over the world.

Here are some of our campaigns and issues:

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